About us

Latvian Association of Waste Management Companies (LASUA, in Latvian) is a public organization established in April 1996 and operating under its Articles of Association. Currently there are more than 50 members in the Association who together cover almost 90% of the total Latvian market. Our members are professional companies engaged in management, collection, depositing, processing, handling, burying of household and hazardous waste and removal of industrial waste, and also providing for other utilities.

The mission of LASUA is to represent business, social and professional interests of its members, facilitating complex development of socially responsible waste management companies in Latvia. We are active defenders of the interests of our members and the only professional organization representing the waste management industry in relations with state authorities.

To achieve our aims we are actively working in several professional organizations related to the activities of our members. LASUA is a member of Latvian Federation of Employers and is a member with Latvian Trade Council for Small and Middle-sized Enterprises, Environmental Consulting Council, Consulting Council of the Environmental Protection Fund, and the Board of Latvian Green Belt. LASAU has also established productive cooperation with Latvian Packaging Association and Union of Local Governments, as well as other organizations related to waste management.

We are a serious, professional organization and we are taken into consideration.

Jānis Vilgerts 
Chairman of the Board


LASUA members manage more than 1 million m3 of waste per year. 

The total annual turnover of LASUA members exceeds 20 million Ls. 

The total number of employees with LASUA members is more than 2.5 thousand.

The total amount of tax paid by LASUA members to the state exceeds 3 million Ls, including the nature resources tax of more than 200 thousand Ls.

It is our duty to provide for the interests of our members and the society. LASUA:

  • actively participates in development of national legislation by submitting proposals for solution of problems in waste management to competent state authorities;
  • provides for training of qualified specialists and certification of the companies represented in the Association;
  • provides for cooperation and exchange of experience among the Association members;
  • organizes joint purchase of waste management equipment;
  • informs the Association members about legislative acts and updates in legislation, and provides information on state-of-the-art waste management technologies;
  • provides consultancy to the Association members;
  • develops uniform household waste management tariff system for the associate companies;

The following committees are presently open at LASUA and any member may work in them:

  • Law Committee
  • Technical Committee
  • Economy Committee
  • Committee for Work with Other Organizations, Mass Media and Educating the Public

Armands Nikolajevs is the Executive Manager at LASUA.